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5 Reasons Selling Your Home As-Is Can Save You A Lot Of Money.

Why isn't my home selling?Omaha, NE

Aug 3, 2020

Most of the time, when you put a property up for sale, you want it sold now. But, say it’s been a month or so and viewing after viewing your home is just not selling, this becomes frustrating. At this point, you realize something needs to be done to enable your home to sell quickly and efficiently. There are many reasons your home may not be selling, possibly location, time of the year, curb appeal, etc. After all, the longer time spent on the market; gives your home a negative appeal to potential buyers.  Here are some in depth reasons and possible fixes to finally sell your property.

Today, buyers have access to more information on your property through online websites like Zillow, they can do more research and make assumptions about the home before even seeing it in person. Ensure your property is updated on these sights and have plenty of pictures available of the listing. Include extra information online and talk up your property by expressing the amenities and unique features in the home and around the community.

One of the biggest reasons your home may not be selling is simply because the price is too high for the actual value. This factor is an automatic turn off to all potential buyers for your property. We all want the optimum selling price for our property, but it is not always reachable. By hiring an appraiser and home inspector, you can determine a more accurate price to list your home for. Also take into consideration the selling price of neighborhood homes and the past selling price of your property. Overall, at the end of the day, if your home has been on the market for a little over a month, consider a reduction in price.

Next is eye appeal of the buyer, and their initial thoughts about the home when first walking up and opening the door. Be sure to stage your home well with updated furnishings and fixtures. Showing vacant homes versus furnished homes can make a huge difference, and give the buyer the opportunity to vision where their furniture could go. A coat of paint, cleaning up, and organizing can even go a long way when selling your home. You do not necessarily need a full makeover, but make sure the home and furnishings seem fresh and in order. Even when it comes to the curb appeal of the yard, this can be a make or break point for buyers. Try raking up the leaves, potting some plants, or simply investing in some lawnscaping. The inside may be pristine, but you want to ensure the buyer of this before they even walk in.

As stated earlier, buyers today are using online methods to search for homes, such as Zillow. It is easier and more accommodating for buyers to search and browse homes online these days. Be sure the photos and information appearing on these sites is updated and accurate. Making the post appear more professional is a turn on for buyers to ensure your listing is not a scam, try adding unique information about the property. And as always, well lit and staged photos are always a win. Sometimes, hiring other services to help with the online portion of the listing is worth it, this can be a professional photographer or even a friend with a high quality camera!

Overall, your home could not be selling for multiple reasons, some are inevitable, but there are many low cost things you can do to improve the buying rate and experience for your property. And remember little things can go a long way!

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