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5 Reasons Selling Your Home As-Is Can Save You A Lot Of Money.

Selling your home in Omaha during a divorce

Sept 21, 2020

Has it gotten to the point in your relationship where divorce may be starting to look likely? If so, you probably have many questions and are uncertain about many things. Studies show that the top two stressors among citizens around America when faced with divorce are custody of children and what to do with the house. Now while we can’t quite help you with the living arrangements for your children, we can help provide you with information and tips for when it comes to selling your home during a divorce. It’s normal for couples getting a divorce to have to sell their house altogether, as neither may be able to handle the mortgage on their own. Let’s help ease this tense situation and show you everything to know when you are faced with this situation.

As hard as it is during a divorce, having both couples stay in the home as long as they can is a good route to take in terms of selling your home. When both couples pack up and move apart, a vacant family home is left for potential buyers to see. It is best to try and keep furniture in the home to stage it for open house’s and tours, this will be a turn on for potential buyers. You also can’t be sure as to how fast your home is going to sell, you don’t want to find yourself and your ex-partner with a total of three home mortgages/payments.

If you’re looking to hire outside professionals to help sell your home, try to find one that has past experience with selling a home in the midst of a divorce,. Realtors with past experience with this type of situation are more likely to be able to help both owners of the home work together to sell their home in prime time, this definitely isn’t a time to test nerves and emotions. An agent with previous experience will also be more likely to be able to help you determine how much you want to list the home for, who’s going to pay for what in terms of preparing your home for showing, and keeping both parties involved and up to date on the status of their home. Hiring the right outside help will also help weed out any possible tax implications you may face.

Next, as hard as it is, try to keep emotions and feelings out of the process of selling your home. It is likely it will be a stressful time alone, focus on selling your home rather than all the past memories you had there. If you have committed to selling your home, you ideally want it done fast and efficiently even if it is hard to put the for sale sign up. Along with this, ensure you are completely ready to place your home on the market, don’t start this process if you don’t have to or fear you may back out when it all becomes more real.

If it’s time to sell, be sure to have the right team behind you, such as realtors, lawyers, a financial advisor, and tax professionals. Although all of these services cost extra money, and now may not be the best time to spare a good chunk of change, professionals will only help speed up the process, sell your home at its fastest rate, and help walk you through this process during an already stressful time. And let’s be honest, it will probably be for the best to have some sort of third party middleman present during the process of selling your home.

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