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5 Reasons Selling Your Home As-Is Can Save You A Lot Of Money.

5 Things to Not Bother Fixing When Selling Your Home

June 29, 2020

If you are planning on selling your house in Omaha, NE you might be thinking there are some things that need to be fixed up before putting your home on the market.  

As you walk through your home you might be able to endlessly pick out things that could be repaired or updated.  Given that all doing any modification to your home will cost you money, you might wonder, do I have to do everything?

In this article we will outline a few things you should remove from your list of “To-Dos”.

But, before we begin let's outline some main things that commonly considered necessary fixes in most situations, when selling your home on the open market.  These can include issues such as leaks in your roof or windows, compromised built-in appliances or insect infestations.

However, if your home is free of the ailments listed above.  You might want to consider taking a new approach on preparing your home for sale.  Obviously, any upgrades cost money so in this article we will explain the top five upgrades to avoid spending your money on when selling your house on the market.

1. Repainting in “Trendy” Colors

When selling your home, not all prospective buyers have the same taste in colors or style.  Therefor investing in a professional painter or even taking the time to re-paint your home’s interior or exterior can be wasteful.

Unless you know exactly who will be purchasing your home, there is no guarantee you picked the right colors when painting.  Though if you must paint, choose neutral colors as the buyer is going to paint the house how they like it anyway.

2. Renovations

If you’ve already decided to sell your home, and you haven’t yet upgraded your appliances, countertops, cabinets, floors, bathrooms, ect. Then don’t!

Very rarely does spending money on these types of upgrades pay off, especially when you’ve already decided to sell your home.  However if your must replace any appliance on your home before selling.

Consider going with a cheaper, used option.  As this gives the prospective buyer a bit of time to find an appliance that is right for them.

3. Cosmetic Damage

According to many experts, home buyers today are looking beyond peeled paint and scuffed floors. These imperfections are purely cosmetic and do not contradict the value and overall worth of your home.

When selling your home to McCright Properties, we overlook material damages, and give your home a true appraisal for it’s potential worth.

4. Updating kitchens and bathrooms

A kitchen designed in the 60’s?  A pink toilet and bathtub?  That dreadful wallpaper?  We see these as purely cosmetic and easily fixed.  

Every home buyer is different, they all have unique styles, a “fixer-upper” gives them the ability to customize their home as they please.

A house needs character, personality, the end result needs to be pleasing to the buyer and homeowner themself.  Designs vary based on the outlook of the buyer, no two will be the same.  This is why upgrade might not always be the solution to selling your home.

5. Doing partial fixes

You might be looking at your home and saying to yourself "If only this aspect of my home was slightly better I could get more for the home“.

This might be an alluring thought, but partially upgrading your home can actually have damaging effects on your sale.  How you might ask?  Well,  as a buyer asses your home they won’t notice the new and much as it highlights the old.  

By partially upgrading your home you create a contrast between the new and old they may not of been perceived in such a way if there were not changes does at all.

Now that we’ve covered what you should avoid spending money on when selling your home.  You might also want to consider selling your home as-is for CASH.  McCright Properties specializes in purchasing houses in any condition and within any timeframe.

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