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5 Reasons Selling Your Home As-Is Can Save You A Lot Of Money.

When is the best time to sell your home?

July 27, 2020

The ideal time to sell a property depends on many different factors. We all want to know when to place our home on the marker to reach our optimum selling price. The location and status of your home are the biggest players into how the property sells. The season in which you are placing your home for sale is another factor into how your home will sell, you must also remember that seasons vary based on the location of the property. So what are the pros and cons of each season, in terms of selling a property?

Selling In The Spring

Spring is a time for many homes to be put up for sale, but one must remember, this is a time for severe storms and tornadoes. If the home you are listing is located in “tornado alley,” this may not be the best time to list as weather conditions could interfere with the status of the home. Competition is also at a height during this time, as many others are also listing their properties for sale after a long winter. There is a reason as to why spring is listed first; tax returns have been saved up, the weather is conforming, and school’s are beginning to let students out.  Overall, spring can be a hit and miss time to sell, the trees and grass are growing back and the sun is shining, making the home stand out more, but be ready for competition.

Summer Time Selling

Let’s get to summer, next to spring, this is the second ideal time overall to place a property on the marker. A difference from spring being, the weather is more predictable and can offer more flexibility with showings. Data for your property is also up to date from the previous spring season, giving buyers a more accurate look at the property. However, this is also a time where many people are on vacation or are busy with summe time tasks. But the biggest factor into summer time selling, is families wanting to find their new home before their children go back to school.

What about selling in the Fall?

In terms of selling your property during the fall season, this is not the most competitive time, which can help or hurt you. Less people are looking for a new property to invest in during this time, but, that also means you have less competition with selling your home. However, if your property needs repairs or updating before selling, this is the time to do so because most of these jobs are done during the spring and summer. Now, let’s get to winter, it’s not desirable to be out in the cold shopping and touring houses, as it is fun to prepare a property for showing. However, for areas where skiing is a popular pastime, this may help you.

What about selling in the Fall?

Winter is also a good time to sell because it falls before the tax break. Along with this, many buyers looking for a home during the winter want to settle down quickly. The winter does come along with more holidays however, which can present a roadblock for the touring of your property. Renovations are also not pleasant during winter due to the harsh conditions. Overall, the seasons vary when it comes to the selling of your property, they all have pros and cons. Every situation is different within the buyer and seller. Enable to have the best luck with selling your home is to have an appraisal, inspection, and keep it up to date and renovated if possible during all seasons.

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