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5 Reasons Selling Your Home As-Is Can Save You A Lot Of Money.

Adding Curb Appeal To Your Home In Omaha, NE

Aug 17, 2020

Curba ppeal is a giant factor when it comes to the selling of your home, it can impact not only price, but time spent on the market. Curb appeal is what the potential buyers first see when arriving upon your listed property, it can help or hurt you. Properties with pleasant and up to date curb appeal are known to sell faster and sometimes at a higher price. It may not seem like a big deal, but potential buyers look for many things when first approaching a home. Let’s get into ways on how you can improve the curb appeal of your property and sell your home faster!

First, let’s talk about investing in the use of a power washer to get all the dirt and grime off the side of your home. Power washing can ensure potential buyers a clean exterior and help them envision their life in the home better. Be sure to wash every corner and craney of the outside of your home to get rid of cobwebs and spiderwebs.  Along with this, be sure the windows on your home are clean and pristine, allowing as much light to reflect off them as possible. This entails only about a $75.00 investment and less than a weekend's worth of work when done on your own.

Next, let’s talk about the possibility of painting your home. This sounds like a big, expensive job, however, it can be worth it in the long run. A fresh coat of paint on a home can add much value to your home. It can also increase the appraisal rate of your property.Paint is the first thing the eye sees and can make or break your listing. Repainting or even just touching up spots can help with the sale of your home. Exterior paint jobs can help you profit up to 140%!

Another common question among potential buyers is the condition of the roof, especially when your property is located in an area with severe weather conditions. Appraisers will also look into the status of your roof and either add less or more value to your home depending on its condition. An average sized roof can cost up to 7,500 dollars, now this seems like a big investment, but it can help you profit up to 109% on the sale of your home. A new roof adds curb appeal and structural appeal to your home. Along with this, ensure your gutters are in top condition and not hanging down or broken.

A factor that goes into curb appeal is landscaping. You can invest in landscaping as much as you want, as it will only add more and more curb appeal onto your home. This can be as little as adding flower boxes to your windows or having new trees and grass seed planted. Trimming hedges, bushes, and low hanging branches is a highly cost effective way to add appeal to your yard. Landscaping does not have to be re-doing the entire yard, but keeping the yard trimmed, flowers planted, and greenery watered.

Not only does landscaping matter, outside decor is a big plus too! Once buyers have walked up to the property, one of the first things they will look at the most is the front porch. Make sure your front porch has up to date furniture and greenery in it, try adding a string of lights to the side for ten dollars while you're at it. Outdoor lighting can really help add more wow to your selling.  Mailboxes can also be a little fix up that can go a long way, try painting your worn out mailbox or adding personality touches to it.

With all of these things put into play, your home’s curb appeal should sell your property in no time! Some of these are big jobs like a new roof, but some are small like simply adding a flower bed to your yard. Whatever you do, keep in mind curb appeal when it comes to the selling of your home.

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